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Like many people in the UK in these crowded, property-driven times, I do not have an actual, functioning studio. I utilise my bedroom - with a desk and a computer defining a creative, 'making' area. Surrounded by CDs and bookcases and keyboards and so on - plus, of course, the other components of a room designed for primarily for sleeping - I have dreams for more space.

My plan for this website therefore, is for it to function as a kind of web-studio - a place to create, store, display and test ideas in another kind of space.

Some of the work here will be from previous times; some of it will be new or work in progress. All of it will reflect my artistic activity both as a thinker and maker while being rooted in the idea that the new writing space of the computer can represent some of the dynamics in the life of a human being - changes of identity, mood, roles etc. so that what you encounter here does not necessarily have a fixed voice or tone.

It took me a long time to persuade myself that I needed a second website: my first, Chameleon Lectra, functions perfectly well (for me) as a creative outlet and I wasn't too sure about turning my name into a 'domain'. However, I've decided to develop this space in order to separate some of my other projects from the CL portal (which is broadly a commercial site) in order to try to reach a slightly different audience; in fact I'm hoping people will travel between the two.
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